Thursday, August 23, 2007

Say the Time alarm clock software download

I believe i have truly found the ultimate solution for my forgetfulness. No, it's not a superdy-duper memory boosting supplement. Or maybe you can call it that too. Only difference is, it's not for me to take. More like for my computer, lol. I really do need a good alarm clock to help me remember things. Oh yes, i have plenty of alarm clocks around the house. I've used them to help me keep the time. But, by the time they beep, i cant recall what they are beeping me for, lol.

See how forgetful i've become. I urge all of you who have problem remembering things to try out this alarm clock software. It's a simple yet powerful software that can help make your life better. It works by replacing your boring clock on the taskbar with a fully customizable one. And the best thing, it will tell me the time out loud. YES!!! IT'S A VOICE ALARM CLOCK. Sounds good, eh. This Say the Time allows me to create multiple customizable alarms and reminders and also hear the time spoken aloud.

I can now ditch my 3m sticky notepads forever and create virtual sticky notes instead. I no longer have to clear them form my already-cluttered table, lol. It's an overall fun item to have on your computer. I really like this SAY THE TIME. Oh, you can customize the look of your taskbar clock and much more. I'm not going to tell you so much cos i want you to try it out for yourself. You get a free 30 day trial period. Now, click on this alarm clock software download link and have fun.

*This is a paid review*

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