Friday, August 24, 2007

Fresh air

Hubby just had to drag me out. Malcolm's still awake, and Gordon slept. I'm now having beer. Havent had a drop for more than a year, knn. I bought the USB HSDPA modem so that i can be free from the confines of my room, lol. Neh, see the white colored thingy connected to my notebook... I know i can use my phone to go online. But i just prefer a standalone line for online use. I need the phone to take pic and post to my blog in real time ad-hoc fashion. I cant do that if i use that to go online.

2 comments: said...

Niamah, you so techie wan. Envy, envy. Don't get drunk hor?

Samm said...

I wont ler.... y worry. Can drink like a fish, lol.