Monday, August 27, 2007

Non-smoking Maui vacation homes

My sister-in-law heard from my MIL that we may be going to Hawaii end of this year. She went home immediately and brought some Maui vacation homes brochures for us. She stayed at one on her last trip there and told us they are really really cosy. The pic aboove is where she stayed at, the Ke Nani Kai. It's a really cosy 2 bedroom townhouse for 6 guests max. Has a shared heated pool too. I like that very much.

It's located only 1 block from the beach. It's a non air-conditioned rental, but she told me even if it's without air-conditioning, the weather there is not that hot. With the breeze, it's airy enough. It also comes with high-speed internet access. That's good to know. I can bring my laptop there. She told me it'll suit us as it's a non-smoking rental. She knows how i hate smoking areas, lol. She told me i can check out the Hawaiian Local Travel Blog for more information. Ya, i will keep that in mind.

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