Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hide My IP Address

We were having a discussion last night over the amount of info that our IP is revealing about our online activities. My cousin argued that surfers are anonymous as nobody knows who he is as he's not using his real name nor has he ever shown his photo on his blog before. So , he can blog what he likes.

I told him that that's not the case. I argued with him that every website that he visits, the e-mails that he sends, images he downloads all has his IP connected back to him. And every IP address is unique. he has this bad habit of sending out lies to his friends. I told him he'd better not as ANYONE can send an official request for his private details straight to your Internet service provider and action can be taken against him.

he then began to ge worried that Hackers might launch an attack against his computer and asked how he can go about hiding his online identity. I told him he can install a software that can hide IP address to protect his online identity. It's available at

If you have the same concern as my cousin, i suggest you check our Hide My IP Address and see what it can do to help protect your identity online.

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