Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm farking pissed

Look at this nice little pink pill. So pink and nice and innocent looking. This little pink pill belongs to some farked up moron in my house. I left Malcolm in the living hall and walked to the kitchen, he followed behind me. I saw him holding something in his hands and was about to put it into his mouth. I pried it from his hands just in time and saw that it's this small little pink pill.

Now, can you imagine what will happen if i really didnt see him eating this? Aitelyu, i really hate it when they drop their pill and dont make it a point to locate it. At least tell me they dropped it and cant find it so that i can vacuum the whole farking place. This is a hypertension pill, for fark sake, Want my kid to die issit. And when i dissed them, they dare not even look me in the face and admit it, DNMCH. Why i'm so pissed? Cos this is NOT the first time. Again, i kiss the ground and thank god that Malcolm lives to see another day. God bless my kid.


Sweetpea said...

it is disturbing. bet u sure know who it belongs to. good excuse to get a new place and move out too..

shoppingmum said...

So jialat? I hate that too when it happens. Just now, Isabelle almost choked with a big peanut!!! I f*rked the person who gave it to her directly. Don't care...I won't give face wan.