Monday, August 27, 2007

Registry Of Life - online memorial website

My girlfriend lost her baby last year due to some complications. When she conceived her second baby, she was so happy and announced to everyone that Jason is getting a little baby sister to play with. We organised a baby shower for her. There were so many present and i even baked her a beautiful cake for the party. We had such a great time together and we helped decorated her little girl's room. It's full of pink teddy bears and right in one corner of the nursery, she had the most beautiful cot complete with the cutest beddings. My girlfriend named her Olivia. Isnt it a beautiful name.

My girlfriend never got the chance to see her child. She died in-vitro and had to be aborted. What devastated her even more is her doctor told her she can never conceive again. Can you imagine her feelings when she heard that. She grieved for a long time. She couldnt cope with her grief and fell ill. Her husband was lost as to what he can do to console her. She couldnt eat and lost so much weight. And cried all day and all night long in the nursery and refuse to leave the room.

A close friend of hers told her husband about Registry of Life, a website that allows users to create a living memorial to their friends and loved ones who are deceased. He went about and set one up for Olivia, their daughter. He believes that with this website dedicated to their unborn child, his wife can cope better with her death. And it sure did. Even though she didnt get to see Olivia, with this online memorial, she felt closer to her unborn child. Whenever someone asked about Olivia, through Registry Of Life, she can share the news of her death with them in a more meaningful way.

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