Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How to obtain a celebrity figure

It's no denying the fact that all women are vainpots. Or maybe i should rephrase that sentence to include men too. My hubby is a fine example of a vainpot as he goes for facials and spa sessions more than i do. He also shops for new clothes nearly every month, lol. And of course, he goes to the gym and exercise to maintain his six-packs in order to look great in those clothes too. Me, i really dont have the time to head to the gym. I dont i need a gym to get fit. I run up and down chasing after my tow kids all the time. That alone provides me with all the calries-burning exercise needed to slim down. And dont forget Malcolm is still being breastfed, lol.

Now, i guess it's my turn to head for a spa session. I really do need a good massage to help release some tension in my back. I've not been sleeping well for the past few months and i believe the massage will benefit me a lot. I saw my neighbor's daughter the other day. She just came back from her holiday. She delivered her baby a few months back and i keep hearing her whine about her ugly figure all the time. I guess her husband must have got fed up of her whinings and bought her a ticket to visit a Beverly Hills plastic surgery expert. Se looks like she's never had a baby before now. So FIT!!!

You know, all celebrities go to Rodeo Drive to have those famous plastic surgery performed by the experts. And Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery center offers cutting-edge techniques and excellent service to pamper everyone that walk through their doors. if you are not satisfied with your figure, then you go to places where all celebrities go to for their California liposuction and also breast augmentation. And aitelyu, those Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon are really handsome!!!

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