Sunday, June 03, 2007

Laundry therapy??? Got such thing meh???

The whole of Saturday morning till evening was spent doing laundry. I once read that people actually take laundry as a therapy as they like and feel good looking and smelling at freshly washed clothes. Ya.... tell me about that. Come do mine, thank you very much.

I did 5 freaking loads today. There's actually not much to wash. I just separated everything, lol. There were the bedsheets, jeans & towels, the whites, hubby's clothes and the kids & mine. Seee... i sot or not??? I only wash for 4 persons and i need 5 loads to finish, niamah. What kind of silai is this????

Thank you Laundryamah, Mommy to chumsy and Doris for your suggestions to help me remove that darned tea stain from hubby's favorite Timberland tee. I did none of it. When i told hubby that i was gonna use clorox (something which i'll never use unless absolutely necessary) on his tee, naturally he freaked, lol.

He then told me to use try the e.fresh enzyme wash first, one of the many products that we carry. Geeee... why didnt i think of that, hoh. So, i took a scoop and made it into a paste and applied it on the tea stain. That enzyme wash felt warm in the container once i added water to it. Must be "geng" stuff :D. And yes, it worked. Nonid to replace his Timberland tee now.... happy.

I then tried it on another two white tees, one of which is also Timberland; sigh.... that got stained with patches of pink from Gordon's school uniform cos the mother forgot to separate the wash. Didnt work that well. Only about 85% success. I'll do another round when i'm in the mood for that, or maybe when i'm just plain efnd....