Saturday, June 02, 2007

Home with the kids

Day 8 of 16

Hubby just left for Singapore. Wont be back till Monday or Tuesday gua. He took the kids out shopping yesterday evening and bought a VCD each for them both. Said that'll keep them occupied and off my back in his absence, lol. Get real, darr.... Think so easy issit, issit, issit...

In a way, it's also true as they do pine for him when he's not around. Gordon will ask for "Papa" and i'll have to sms him to see if i can call up or not in case he's in a meeting. I guess there'll be more phonecalls, or rather videocalls once we have 3G service in godforsaken Ipoh-land, geeee. Just why on earth is it that Ipoh's always the last place to have anything.

I bought two pairs of skinny jeans. All the more better to match them with my 3" heels :). I'm so darn skinny now that my jeans are practically falling off my hips, niamah. And i bought them not too long after Malcolm's born. I guess i wont be able to put on much weight till Malcolm's completely weaned off me. I was on a mission to put on 10lbs in 30days last month. Sorry, hoh. Didnt materialise lohhh.... sigh.


may said...

wish I could be at least half as skinny as you. skinny jeans just makes me... hmmm... look fat! lol!

L B said...

Weii, Ipoh got Starbucks! Ipoh got KFC.. Ipoh got Lormaikai..

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Aiyo...I don't think you'll be able to put on weight. You have been like this since when?? Forever!! Wish I'm like you :)

Samm said...

may - no lah. u whr fat

lb - u wait till July and we go eat all the lormaikais, k

mommy to chumsy - naw... u wont wanna be like me, so darn stick-thin, geeee.... wind blow also can fly