Monday, May 07, 2007

Where to buy truck accessories?

This is my neighbour's truck. She asked me where she can get truck accessories to fit a fishing boat to the top of her truck wohh. How am i to know lah. I hardly even drive. How in the world will i know where to buy what. Best and fastest way is to ask the salesman mah. I see the size of the truck also i scared already, how to drive such a humongous piece of metal around? But if she were to fit a boat on top of it, wont it hit her roof??? Fuyoh, aitelyu.... i'm so waiting to see that so i can blog about it, lol.


Simple American said...

It cannot be a very big boat. Better to get a trailer. Otherwise liable to scratch the paint. And if the wind catches the boar it could fly for sometime. haha

Samm said...

i really dun k whr she puts the boat. As long as it makes good blogging material.... i'm so waiting. *evil*