Wednesday, May 09, 2007

CalorieSmart Handheld Calorie Counter from Coheso

My friend was worried about getting fat, whereby i'm having problem putting on weight, lol. But i guess i dont have much of a problem as all i need is more calories. Isnt that easy. But my friend has to keep track of what she puts into her mouth. She kept telling me that i'm very lucky as i get to eat anything that i want. She has diofficulty keeping track on what has more calories or it'll have devastating impact on her weighloss program.

Well, i think it's time she buy herself the CalorieSmart. Simply put, it's a clever little Handheld Electronic Calorie Counter and Food Diary. She can carry the nutritional information of numerous food items in her pocket with CalorieSmart since it's a portable little gadget. Armed with this, she can easily take charge of the many food choices. Makes her weight loss goals easier and achievable.

CalorieSmart makes it easy for anyone to look up nutritional information. It's vital for anyone on a weightloss program keep track of what they eat, and record how much they exercise. Whether it is counting calories, counting carbs or just plain looking up nutritional information, CalorieSmart is an invaluable tool and the best diet and weight loss aid available. If you're into personal health management, tools like Electronic Handheld Calorie Counter, Portable Diabetes Carb Counter,Electronic Calorie Counter, Handheld Calorie Counter, Food Diary are a must. Click on the image for more information.

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