Friday, May 11, 2007

URGENT!!!! Unable to claim Paypal funds!!!!!!

Yes, it's true at time of typing this. This applies to all who doesnt have a US account listed on the system. I found out when i logged in to claim my long-list of pending payments just now. Usually, i just need to click "accept" and it'll take me straightaway to the "Accept now but dont add a US bank account" thingy. And it'll go straightaway to my account balance. But sorry, not tonight. This is what i got:

Once i clicked claim, i ended up HERE. I'm Malaysian lah, wtf. Where got what US bank account, nmfl. Buddies on MSN says to email, but heck, when it comes to money, i like to get straight to the point pronto. Email replies from Paypal takes ages to arrive, k.

I called Paypal support at +14029352080. Had to go through dunno how long of voice recognition thingy before finally reaching a HUMAN. Was told that they'll forward my case to their technical support and have it rectified. I asked how long will that take and was told to give them 24 - 48hrs.

It may be due to the fact that they've changed their interface and this somehow screwed up the settings gua. It's different now the moment the thing loaded. I SHALL WAIT AND SEE!!


earl-ku said...

we are doomed ... the days of rearning from bloggings are gone ... goneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

***sigh ...

hcfoo said...

i somehow have a bad feeling that it's going to cost us money. All my money will hangus liao!

Mogg said...

hey guys.

if you still have stil problem.
you can look me up.

i am more then happy buy out all ur paypal funds :)

pls lmk maybe we can fix a rate :)



Our Journey said...

i'm finally getting earnings thru paypal & i got the same error as yours!!!!

Samm said...

earl ku - 8888888 sigh........ wait is all i can doooooooo

hcfoo - wait lah, it's a technical glitch, they say.

mogg - no worries. thx. we have our way of withdrawing it. Moreover, i dont even know you. No offense, ya :)

Our Journey said...

i received their reply thru email:
Dear xxx,

Hello my name is Laughing, I will be happy to assist you with your
question regarding your PayPal account.

We apologize for the delay in responding to your service request.

We are conscious of this issue ,we are sorry for any inconvenience
may cause to you.
Our relevant department are resolving this issue, please try it later.

Thanks again for contacting us, and thank you for being part of the
PayPal community.

PayPal, an eBay Company

Leishia J said...

i got the same error and the exact same email from "laughing"!

i'm so *glad* i'm not the only one in this! urgh! almost pulled out all my hair yesterday!

thanks samm for highlighthing this!

ps i surfed over thru blog hopping btw. nice blog! :)

Our Journey said...

any news?