Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Zap those mozzies

I went back to my mom's place and saw that she had one of those electric mosquito repellent in her room. I yanked it off the wall socket and threw it away. I've told her many times not to use those things as it's poisonous and very bad for their health. Old folks' immune system are generally weaker due to their age. The same goes for babies.

Dont ever believe what those tv/newspaper ads say. If those things can kill mosquitoes, think about what it can do to your health when inhaled on a nightly basis. And the same also applies to spray cans and coils. Those chemicals are very very toxic.

There are many ways you can keep your bedroom or living environment mozzies-free. The best and most economical way is to buy one of those handheld battery-operated mosquitoes zappers or corded electrical ones insect killers that has a lamp and fan attached to help attract those darned mozzies.

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