Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Why Hoodia Beats Alli for Weight Loss

When it comes to weight management, not many people have the time nor patience to excercise. Some may not even like the idea of going on a healthier diet change. That's why we see so many resorting to taking supplements like Hoodia to help with their weight problems. Of late there's buzz about a new drug called Alli, that claims to be able to help those who wants to lose weight.

If you were to ask me, i'd try out Hoodia. I prefer something that's natural as opposed to drugs. And here are just 4 Biggest Reasons Why Hoodia Beats Alli for Weight Loss:

1) Alli won't be out till July 2007.
2) Alli is a drug whereas Hoodia is ALL natural and on the market since 2004!
3) Alli costs more than Hoodia.
4) Hoodia has NO known side effects whereas Alli's active ingrediant is 60 mg of Orlistat. Consequently Alli has side effects which include: gas with oily discharge, spotting, loose stools, and more frequent stools that might be hard to control, alli reduces the absorption of some vitamins, cannot be taken with a large list of other medications because it may interfere or cause further complications.

I leave it to you, my dear readers, to make an informed choice on Which is better Alli or Hoodia?


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