Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Property Investment in Cyprus

One of hubby's friend, who deals with Property Investment in Cyprus, called him up last night, he had some hot properties for him to check out. Now, what's so interesting about Cyprus? All i know about Cyprus is that it lies in the beautiful warm, calm and clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea and enjoys up to 320 days of unadulterated sunshine every year.

Our friend told us that Cyprus is very popular with holiday makers and second home hunters. Also says that it's a perfect real estate investment location for international property investors. He knows that hubby is contemplating diversifying our investment portfolio and branching out into real estate in the near future. That's why he called to let him know that Cyprus is going to be one of the hottest destinations in terms of the potential for profit.

Well, i leave it up to hubby to decide on matters like this. I really dont mind him investing in some hot Cyprus property there for me to go holidaying every year.


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