Sunday, March 04, 2007

Toronto Nightlife Community

Do you all still go out on Saturday night? Me, i used to go clubbing and bar-hopping with hubby before the kids came. Not only on Saturday nights. Our nature of work and allows us total freedom to party everyday if we want to. Now, he has to do all that with his girlfriends. And i have to stay home with the kids. I dont even know what's happening in town anymore. Been a hermit for so long.

If you're a nighlife enthusiast living in Toronto, you can check out this local nightlife community website. The website is a social networking medium for people in the area and is used by over 50,000 members. You get free profiles, can upload images and meet other members with similar interests. Even if you stay home all the time like me, you wont miss the action and still get to know what's happening in town. Go check it out, ya.

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