Sunday, March 04, 2007

Blur blur me

Mornings are a mad rush of chores for me once the kids get up. Like yesterday, it's almost daily routine for me to get Gordon ready for school by 12pm. Me also a bit blur yesterday. Put rice in rice cooker, but found out later the cord was loosened. 20 minutes wasted. By the time it's done, i was chasing Gordon all over the house trying to get him to eat a few spoonfuls so that he wont be hungry in school until tea time.

But then, all that fler wants is bread and there's no bread. By the time i got him ready, all dressed up, bag on his back, water tumbler all filled up; hubby came back. Just in time. I hurried Gordon outside to put his shoes on only to hear hubby asking me, "Where are you going woh?". Me, "12pm lohh, faster go send Gordon to school mah". Hubby asked again, "Today got school meh?"

I stopped in my tracks.... yes, hoh. Saturday, hoh.... *slaps head*.... deng..... All that mad rush for nothing.... cheh....

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sweetpea said...

you make too much money... take a good rest. and also by the way, you've been tagged :P