Sunday, March 04, 2007

Acupuncture for pain relief

I had a bad backaches for a couple of weeks back. So bad that it affected my sleep. It runs all the way down my right and the area that's most painful of all was my lower back. The most painful part is my right lower back. No pain on the left, funny, huh. Sitting in the oSim massage chair also didnt make it any better.... waste time only.

My new computer chair with reclining backrest also didnt help. I was thinking of going for acupuncture to ease my pain. My sis had it done and she told me it's helped her with her pain management. Then, then pain somehow lessened dramatically one day. I've never really given it a thought until yesterday. I was actually PMS-ing. Now, period over, though the pain is still lingering, it doesnt bother me at all.

I'll have to wait till my next period to see if this is what's been causing me the agonizing pain. Are breastfeeding mommies experiencing the same thing too? I didnt have this when i had Gordon. Anyway, i still want to give acupuncture a go later.

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sweetpea said...

am no expert, but could it be the way you sit in front of the pc? after all, u do spend hours a day here. the way u hold your mouse and sit. nerves from the neck to shoulders and back can be affected. (this is me assuming u are a rightie) best to see a physiotherapist.