Monday, March 05, 2007

1st Sports Bike Social Networking site

The internet is the best place to source for information. Ther's always something for everyone if only you take the time to look for it. My uncle, who's retired, sold his car and bought a sports bike last year. He was thinking of setting up a fan club of some sort for sports bike enthusiasts to share their love of bikes with. He came over one day and told us about his fantastic idea.

My cousin, who happened to be around that day told him that people no longer do that these days. Now, we have social networking sites for motorcycle lovers. He told him to check out the 1st sport bike social networking site at people from all over the world get together here to share their love for motorcycles, talking about bikes, sharing customizing ideas, racing tips, uploading videos and photos of bikes to share with fellow members or just simply hang around with other bike lovers.

Here, people can also learn more about safe riding, taking care of their bikes, collecting them and getting the most out of their bikes performance-wise. My uncle can also upload photos, videos and tips on bike maintenance for everyone to read. I guess we'll be getting lots of emails from him very soon.

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Cocka Doodle said...

OMG! Your uncle is a Mat rempit ah?