Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My wedding photographs

Hubby asked me last night where our wedding photographs were. He wanted to show it to our son, Gordon. I told him it was under the wardrobe, out of Gordon's reach. He now likes to scribble everywhere whenever he gets the chance and i do not want him to ruin those precious wedding photographs of ours. That was the only thing we spent money on when we got married, not a lavish dinner nor a honeymoon.

We had our wedding photos taken at a studio. Although the photographer did ask us whether we wanted to take some outdoor shots, i turned down the idea as i knew there werent that many scenic places for us to have them taken at. He proposed that we run around a large field with the wind in my hair. HAH??? No way, i just wasnt prepared for that. he should have told me earlier.

If only our wedding photographer was as professional as Ashley Martin Armitage , a St Thomas photographer of Ashley Photos. She is a gifted photography with extensive experience in the film industry and training in photojournalism. Ashley Photos offer professional wedding photography and specialize in beautiful tropical locations and scenery to make weddings a very special event. St Thomas USVI offers wonderful scenery for any type of outdoor photography, with beautiful, white sandy beaches, magnificent mountain terrain offering unbelievable views. How romantic. Now, if only where i live have that kind of scenery, i dont mind going through another wedding photography session again.

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