Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Podiobook - Prayer at Rumayla

I was the bookstore this afternoon. I wanted to get a good novel as i've not read a good book for a long long time since the birth of my two kids. I bumped into my friend at the bookstore and he told me about a podcast and asked me to listen to it when i have the time.

As i'm so busy to read, a podcast would be okay. It's a podcast of Chapter One of the 2001 book, Prayer at Rumayla by Charles Sheehan-Miles. Prayer at Rumayla is about a 19-year-old Gulf war veteran returning to America after a year in the Gulf, engaged in ground battle and the things he encountered in Iraq, the things that shaped his mind and the things he discovered upon his return.

The chapter is about 24 minutes long. But it's rather emotional and may make you cry. It may be a story, but i guess war veterans can identify with the character and people with family members who went to war. Those that returned are not only injured physically but mentally as well. Many are not so lucky and never made it back, can really relate to Prayer at Rumayla.

Overall, i think everyone should listen to this story, or go read the book. I'm looking forward to more podcasts of this novel. It's not everyday that you get to listen to a podcast as compelling as this.


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