Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bought new keyboard at last!!!

I finally remembered to buy my new keyboard today. Bought it from my neighbourhood computer shop. Costs me Rm15 only, cheap or not. Non-backlit lah, of cos. Dunno why the keys all so small one. At least this one does not make those loud tak tak tak tak sound when i speed type. Now, i can type in the middle of the night without waking Malcolm , the light-sleeper up.

Our stupid neighbourhood computer shop has no notebook for me to check out also. Now, i want to see Asus and NEC. Maybe have to go to Yik Foong where i bought my Toshiba. Actually, hoh.... i enjoy the thrill of checking out those notebooks one by one. Check until sien, then only buy. If not, hoh... this silai has got nothing to do and no reason to go out liao. How to show off those heels liddat?

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