Friday, March 09, 2007

Local girls are so materialistic

I saw a young lady screaming at her boyfriend the other day at the Mall. They were in fact making quite a scene at the diamond store. I was walking by and was just about to go in when i heard the commotion. So, i busybodied and stood at the counter and watched them at it. The young lady wanted a ring with a bigger diamond. The boyfriend kept telling her he doesnt have enough money to pay for it. And yet she accused him of being stingy.

The guy stood up suddenly and told her to shut up. He muttered something like "No wonder men now marry Russian brides and not local girls" as he walked out the shop. Wow, he was so right. Russian girls are known to be beautiful and makes good wives. They are great cooks too and not materialistic, are loving, tender and devoted to a relationship. So different like the one i saw. Hmmm... i wonder if the guy will marry a Russian bride after this. Can get one from :)

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