Friday, March 09, 2007

Why women cannot mind their words??

Sometimes, i myself as a woman dont understand why women, when they have nothing good to say, cannot keep their blardy mouth shut. Yesterday, i took Malcolm along to fetch Gordon back from school. My cb neighbour happen to come home to fetch her son to school. Seeing her as i exit the gate, i gave her a courteous smile.

She, stuck her head out of the car window, turned down her radio's volume and asked told me it's time i cut Gordon'd hair. KNNCCB, since when do i need her to dictate my son's hairstyle, NMFL. If she has nothing to say ah, then STFU. Or a nod in response would suffice.Gordon wasnt even around for you to comment on. If she said something about Malcolm, at least justifiable lah. But then, to comment on something which i've told them a zillion times over and over again makes my blood boil only.

Some people never use their brains one before opening their mouth. If everytime i see her and i tell her it's time to go on a diet and lose some if not all of those fat on her body, i think she'll hack me to death one fine day. Yesterday, i wasnt really in a good mood already. Somemore have to listen to crappy comment from her cb mouth, diuuuuu. Damn 9 8poh.

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