Friday, March 02, 2007

Yau Kee Kampar Curry Chicken Bread

Hubby brought this back for me last night. Says it's for my ultra late night supper.

See, it's the authentic Yau Kee Kampar Curry Chicken Bread, from the Ipoh branch in Pasir Puteh . Brought it back at 2.30am and asked me to eat it, sotsotdeii. This thing can fill 4 persons. How to sleep after that?

This morning: Waaahhhh..... See how big it is. Easily a foot long and 6 inches wide, lol.

This is how you're supposed to cut it.

And here's how it looks like. Once bread is cut opened, there're layers of baking paper (is that what you call it) with chicken, potatoes and curry gravy wrapped inside. The taste? Bread is sweet and has good texture. Curry is spicy and fragrant enough for me. Chicken also tender and the potatoes...err, like potatoes lah.

Overall, tastes good. But with the bread, tastes just right. Great combination. With rice, even better, lol. Gordon loves the bread and potatoes. Like me, he doesnt fancy meat much. Next time, i'll try the mutton version. Now go comment on my attempt at foodporn. Trust me, i can do the porn better without food. Lb.....


L B said...

That was so pornagraphic!!! At 230am summore!!! Yes, yes, you really can do porn!!! More, more, more... BTW, I have never ever tried that Kampar Curry Chicken Bread, ever!!! Must make a date!!

Missha-SanXD said...

I missed these Curry Chicken bun!!! o well this summer when i go to Malaysia I'll definitely ask my aunt to buy it for me