Friday, March 02, 2007

Search Engine for Career Related Sites


When i left school, i was very eager to get a job. During my days, we apply at job recruitment agencies during our last semester in the hope that we'd get a job right after our graduation. I found out the hard way that apart form getting offers that's nto suitable, we have to pay the recruitment agencies two months of our salaries. Can you imagine working for NOTHING for the first two months. Moreover, i may not even like the job. And even if i quit, i still have to pay them the fees.

Now, advanced technology and the internet has made looking for our dream job much much easier compared to my days. My niece who graduated recently got a job by just keying her desired job description at, an Online search engine for all career-related topics, job postings, and advice. Not a job recruitment agency. She wanted to be a pastry chef. It's not a job recruitment agency.

If you were to type in the word “pastry chef” in Google or Yahoo, they would find a scattered variety of search results. If the word “pastry chef” was typed in, topics pertaining to pastry chef as it relates to careers would be the only results compiled. She read up on those articles and found a job offer later. If you're looking for a job but have not found it, why not give this service a try?

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