Saturday, March 03, 2007

Charleston Boat


You wouldn’t believe when I tell you what my friend, Tony did. When he came back for the holidays, he told us he sold his house recently and went to live on his yacht. It’s not those small fishing yachts. It’s a huge luxury yacht we’re talking about here. Yes, my friend is rich. …. Very rich indeed.

He brought back some photographs of his yacht for us to see and it’s true. He had no place to stay as his new house wasn’t ready yet. He sold his house as the buyer had a change of plans and wanted to move in immediately. He didn’t want to spend a whole month at a hotel, so he chose to live in his yacht instead.

Me, like any other woman in the world, I’m only curious about the maintenance. Knowing my friend, even though he has two live-in maid, I’m sure they not capable of handling yachts. Interior, okay. But the exterior? It was a relieve when he told us he leave it in the hands of professionals like Charleston boat, centrally located in Mount Pleasant, SC. They’ll service your boat in most Charleston marinas and private slips.

Their maintenance program keeps his yacht from needing more frequent and costly services, such as re-varnishing or complete waxing of bright work. Some of their services include signature woodwork refinishing, complete wood stripping and varnish, gelcoat management and protection, minor hull repair, deck waxing, detailing, wash, pre-sale used boat preparation, winterizing, cleaning, restoration, polishing, custom painting and refinishing, fiberglass repair, carpentry and fine woodworking.

If you're looking to keep your vessel standing tall, they can be contacted at 843.737.3444. Currently, quotes over the phone are available if needed.

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