Saturday, March 03, 2007

Easy Egg & Sugar-freeTiramisu Recipe

Serves 6, preparation time 15 minutes


100ml strong black coffee (cooled)
100ml marsala or liquer of choice
200ml double cream
250ml mascarpone
175g sponge fingers
50g chocolate (grated)
6 wine glasses to serve


1) Stir together the coffee and marsala liquer.
2) Whisk up the cream and then fold in the mascarpone.
3) Dip the sponge fingers into the coffee mixture. (Only dip them in when needed or they'll go soggy)
4) Arrange the fingers in a layer on the base of the wineglasses.
5) Smooth a layer of the mascarpone and cream over the sponge finger layer.
6) Repeat the layering until all the ingredients are used up, finishing with a cream layer.
7) Sprinkle the grated chocolate over the top.
8) Refrigerate until needed.

(No image, will only update when i find time to make one, lol)

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may said...

oooooh, egg free? hmmm... maybe I should try this out, when I have the time. or better yet, you make some for me, ok? ;)