Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mickey goes to school

"Mickey's coming with me", says Gordon

Those may not be his actual words because he still doesnt speak. But the way he holds on to Mickey already says it all. Nothing will make him let go of Mickey AT ALL!! No amount of reasoning and pleading. So, in the end, Mickey goes to school with my boy.

I know the school wouldnt like it. Neither do i. If this goes on, it'll get lost one fine day. I do not want to end up posting a "REWARD" sign seeking for the return of "Mickey" all over school, lol. Aigghhh.... tomorrow's gonna be another day.


sweetpea said...

i had a problem with aidan as well. i had to take the toy off him and he wailed. had to be firm so he knew i meant business. perhaps can try that on gordon. he may protest and go on for a few days, but perseverence pays. trust me on this one :P

L B said...

Now I know the real reason for PayPerPost...