Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Best Episode of RockStartup

If you've been following PayPerPost's reality show, RockStartUp, you'll know that the latest episode, 12th to be exact, is about Randy and his meetings with potential clients down in Chicago. My, Chicago sure's a windy place that Randy's umbrella got blown backwards, lol. There's also a scene where he interviews potential employees for PayPerPost in Orlando. I kinda like this girl, Jody. I feel she'll be just the right person that PPP needs to hire. But this is not my favourite episode.

Mine's the 11th, where Ted challenged the whole company to a collective weight loss program over a six month period. Each and everyone have to weigh themselves on a scale and say how much weight they intend to shed off. Wow, that's good to hear. I like a leader that's concerned about his employee's health.

Well, Veronique and Britt took it one step further this time. Veronique needed a partner to team up with her on a weight program asked Britt. Britt agreed and together, they weighed and measured themselves from head to toe. Looks like they ordered some weight loss supplement and have to take that everyday, lol. You'll have to watch the episode to find out if it works.

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