Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My girlfriend's getting a boobjob

Previously, I blogged about my girlfriend’s decision to have her breast augmented. She wanted to go from a C-Cup to an E-cup as she’s sick of having to wear push-up bras all the time. She has so many low-necked halter tops that she wanted to show off and said that her bra show all the time and it’s not nice. So, after many rounds of consultations with a few renowned plastic surgeons at Rodeo Drive, she finally got her hubby to sponsor her boobjob. How lucky of her to have a supportive and generous husband.

Well, is she feels more beautiful and confident after that, good for her. I think that’s mainly the reason why so many celebrities get a Beverly Hills breast augmentation in the first place. Apart from shopping at designer boutiques, Rodeo Drive is a famous place for celebrities to get a nip here and a tuck there. I know when my girlfriend comes back with her Beverly Hills breast augmentation, the first thing she’ll do is go to the studio and have her portrait taken. She loves being photographed. If you’ve been to her house, those walls of hers are filled with her portraits from floor to ceiling. That’s what I call first class vanity.

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