Thursday, January 04, 2007

Come and see how much PayPerPost pay us to write

This is to those snotty-nosed dunno-who-you-ares who always pooh-pooh at bloggers who write paid posts. This is to shut them up for good that we're writing paid posts for peanuts only. Go, take a big magnifying glass, or stick your face closer to the screen. Look at those numbers and do the math.

And the rest who've been curious as to how much we're paid per post, i hope this is satisfactory enough to get you to sign up. Dont know how to start? See that BLUE-GREEN Square on my right sidebar? Click on it and sign up now. Go, go, go... DONT WAIT!!!

And this is NOT sponsored :)


laundryamah said...

Happy New Year to you and may u make more & more $$ so can belanja me minum teh & eat kai si hor fun! hahahhaa

L B said...

I believe! I believe! Hallelujah!! *waiting for you to belanja me the Foong Jau, with your arms around summore..*

Samm said...

laundryamah - come ipoh, hurry, belanja u makan kau-kau the organic wayy, wann

lb - bila u balik this year?