Thursday, January 04, 2007

My company needs a new hosting package

Last night, I asked my company's programmer what's taking him so long to change the domain's name to reflect the new company. He went and told me some long great-great grandfather's story about his local host has problem getting the domain to point to the server's settings, Godaddy did not return his emails, most probably due to the Taiwan earthquake lah, blah, blah, blah....

And when i asked him what if all fails, does he has plan 2 as back up or not, he said no. Niasinggg, so what the heck are we paying him for? When i have to solve his problems for him when he should be the one coming up solutions for us. As the new domain is registered by my current host, i asked him to quote me another hosting package so that we can try moving all the files over and see if there's any glitches or not.

But, sad to say, my programmer specified Windows platform, dunno what .net 2.0 package with mysql, of which my current host's on Linux. So, it's like "sorry, wrong number". What to do, last resort would be to register another domain. Hopefully not. Now, i found that Lunarpages Web Hosting has just what my programmer's asking for.

On their basic plan, he'll get 800GB of Transfer & 35000MB of storage & $700 CoffeeCup webmaster & design software included, free domain name & add-on domain for $6.95 a month + loads more. They have been in business for over 6 years & they provide basic, windows, Linux, VPS & dedicated hosting services. For $25 off any 12/24 month Basic, Business, Windows or VPS plan. Coupon Code: lunar25off
We provide free award winning 24/7 customer support, phones, help desk, forums, tutorials & our blog. We experience 99.9% uptime & the most reliable servers in the industry are housed in our 2 data centers providing a redundant service.

We are already in a rush to get the website up and running. I'll have to get him to check Lunarpages out and see if their packages are right for our company's use or not. He'd better hurry, my boss is breathing down my neck every single day. We have to launch our website by the middle of this months, and that's like 10 days to go....

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