Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Say it with flowers

This month alone, we've attended 5 weddings and shop openings. And there are a few more till the end of the month. Some are out-station, and we have another two events on the same day too. We cannot just not show up because some of them are our loyal customers. Been buying from us for years. Well, if i were to throw an event, i want all those i've invited to turn up also. But then, sometimes, we just cant.

So, those that we're not able to attend, we cant just call them up and tell them so. Not nice, right. What we can do is we'll send them some flowers together with some gifts. If not for online flower delivery services, we'll be left in a lurch as to how to send the flowers to some far away place. And they are very professional too. All the flowers are fresh and nicely done up. I'm sure my customers wont mind us not turning up to congratulate them in person.

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