Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's cheese cakes day

I was on MSN with shoppingmum this evening when suddenly, i just wanted cheese cakes. You say i chisin or not. I thought the urge will go away on its own, but no. It lingered , and lingered. I quickly nursed Malcolm to sleep, and took Gordon out to Secret Recipe with me.

When i came out of the shop, some car was double-parked behind mine. So, i went into the shop i suspect the owner would be at and i got lucky. She came out and gave me a glare. Oh, i was in a good mood today. So, i didnt show my fangs. Didnt even cuss. Even thanked her for being so considerate. Just cant wait to sink them into the cheese cakes when i get home. That woman damn lucky today.

I just whacked one. Gordon had a carrot slice earlier. Two more to go, yummmmmmm.... burpp..


Zara's Mama said...

Pregnant again?

Samm said...

No lah, where got pregnant so fast wan.... choi, choi, choi.... next yr lah