Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Do you have a humidifier in your childrens' bedroom?

My SIL's baby, younger than Malcolm by 3 weeks, has been having a runny nose since he was about 2 months old. And his skin is rather dry too. Funny. Malcolm's living environment is almost the same as his lil cousin brother's. But he doesnt get these symptoms.

My SIL has been to a few doctors regarding her son's problem, but every doctor says he's okay. No infection, nothing. Over the phone last night, i can hear her son crying in the background as i spoke with her. She asked her hubby to turn off the air-conditioner and take the son out to the living room. Then, suddenly, i realised the problem. Her baby's is in the air-conditioned room almost 24 hrs a day.

I suggested to her to get a humidifier to ease her son's respiratory problem. I have one in my room too. And so far, Malcolm doesnt have any respiratory problem since birth. Neither does Gordon. Well, i really do hope having the humidifier in the room can help her son. For mommies out there whose baby has the same problem, here's a guide to buying a humidifier for your home. Hope it helps.


Anonymous said...

The baby's in an air conditioned room 24 hours a day?!!! Why is this necessary? Poor thing...

If it weren't for offices, I would relish not being in the air cond all day. It's so drying and the air quality is usually worse than opening the window.

Rather than get a humidifier on 24 hours a day with the aircond, why doesn't she just open a window?

It worries me how much we take energy consumption for granted.

Samm said...

1st time mom mah. thinks bb dun like it hot, so put in air-cond room. then sked its cold, wear more clothes. add anothr blanket whn bb's asleep, contribute to more heat, couple with constant dry environment..... u say her bb chaarm onot. but she herself also kenot tahan hot, stay in her air-cond room 24/7. so now, bb liddat lor. Sekarang baru tau. dats y ask her to buy humidifier lohh.... poor bb