Thursday, May 05, 2016

Bakzhang oh bakzhang

I am a bakzhang lover. It's orgasmic whenever i sink my teeth into the soft flavorful glutinous rice, filled with the most delicious taste of marinated fatty pork, salted egg, chinese chestnut, black-eyed peas, and lots more other condiments, steamed to perfection. Aaaahhhh.... you are looking at one now. Perfect... simply perfect. Too bad i cant make any. So, no recipes to share with you. It only costs Rm5.50 to buy a decent bakzhang and the price goes up Rm10 each depending on what condiments are used. Mmmm... go buy some, ya. Bakzhang season has arrived...

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Asia Casino Directory said...

I just ate zhang yesterday. One of my favorite food. Too bad its hard to find good zhang nowadays.