Thursday, April 14, 2016

Steaming ladies fingers with the bamboo steamer and wokpan

We ran out of gas last month. Couldn't be bothered to call up the grocery store to send a new tank over. Dug the induction cooker out instead. This is my current set up. Placed it on top of a few large egg cartons over the stove, lol. It's good actually. I like the height it gave me since I'm officially blind as a bat and hate wearing my glasses in the kitchen. I can now see my food much clearer as i cook.

Hubs bought a pack of ladies fingers back from the organic section and asked me to steam them for lunch. I cooked turmeric rice with virgin coconut oil and cardamom earlier in the morning. Set the bamboo steamer oh the Tefal wokpan and once the water is boiling, set it to steam on high for 5 min. Once done, fried us four eggs. There's also minced pork with potatoes and onions. Simple lunch for the four of us.

Notes: hubs said to try steaming the ladies fingers for 7 mins. He didn't write like the crunchiness at 5 mins, lol. Oh, wateva...

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