Friday, April 08, 2016

Dry ice experiment

Bought my kids ice-cream after school today. It's the weekend and I wasn't feeling well. Caught a bad chill last night that left me shivering under the sheets with the slightest movement despite sweating like a pig! Anyways, I informed the seller that the kid won't be eating it on the car. He placed some dry ice into the plastic bag and handed it to my kid.

Back home, they had the ice-cream after their shower. The small one went to take the dry ice he left in the freezer into the basin at the kitchen sink. Both were fascinated with the bubbles and cold mist that formed on the surface of the water. I told them it's to make magic potion, lol. What a big fat fib. Ya, the chill must have gotten to my head! Fun experiment for them both.

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