Tuesday, January 26, 2016

How to get rid of tummy fat fast?

Yeah... you're looking at my tummy fat; that thick mass circling my waistline. How simply bleehhkk. This happens whenever i eat a lot of carb like rice and bread, lol. Well, i have been eating quite a bit since i bought the Philips pressure cooker and the Skg3930 breadmaker.

Hubs asked me how to get rid of tummy fat fast the other day. It's actually damn easy. Stop eating unnecessarily! Oh yes....  eat when hungry only! Skip as much carb as possible, and eat more skinny food, hahah. In this pic, i weighed about 48kg. Now, that is heavy for my petite frame.

I gave myself 2 weeks to rid 2kg off my body. I drank oolong tea with herbs to cleanse the system of built-up gunk. I had my bullet coffee each day. I ate greek yogurt with lots of seeds and nuts. Add 2 soft-boiled eggs to my daily food intake. Some meat, and tried to stay off carb, lol!

Well, it worked. I went down one size when i went to try on jeans at Guess last weekend. Dont even need to jump into the smaller size 25 and can pull it off in a jiffy, hhahha. Happydieme!! Have to keep at this and cook less. Geeee.... one can really get fat cooking for the family.

So, there you have the answer to how to get rid of tummy fat fast. No shortcut. Workout a bit and mind the food intake. That's about it. Pure rocket science delivered in a single post. Tata!

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