Saturday, January 09, 2016

How To Cook Rice With A Breadmaker

I've been cooking rice with the Philips pressure cooker ever since my rice cooker died some time back. Thing is, the pressure cooker has other kinds of food cooking in it half the time. It's either i cook rice with it first, take the inner pot out once the rice is done , and cook say, a stew next. Or, it's gotta be the other way round.

Of cos, i do have other pots to do the job, abuthen, i have to wait at the kitchen till it's done as i gotta use the gas stove to cook with. That leaves me with the breadmaker! I know it can handle the job, but i've never gotten round to trying out before; until recently. Moreover, it's the perfect kitchen toy to cook small portions of rice like say 1cup!

I bought a new breadmaker recently, it's the SKG3930. A brand from China, nothing fancy, apart from baking various types of breads, it has 23 functions in all including stir-frying, makes ice-cream with an additional purchase of the mixing bowl, makes yogurt, rice wine, claypot rice, kimchi, yadda yadda yadda....

Coming back to rice, lol. Okokok, i used the cup that came with the Philips pressure cooker. 1 cup has a reading of 160 which weighs about 160g with my cheap kitchen scale. I used about 1.5cup of water and that translates to say about 240ml. Set it to #15 bake function for 30mins using a aluminium foil as a diy cover for the bread bin. Turn the breadmaker off once it beeps, and let it stand for another 10mins, and rice is done. Nice and fluffy.

I guess this would be a guideline for those who wish to know how to cook rice with a breadmaker. You've gotta tweak it a little for your own breadmaker cos god knows what machine you have. I've done it, you can do it too. Start with white rice. I've yet to obtain favorable results with mixed grains. Till then. Have fun cooking rice with your breadmaker.

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