Monday, February 09, 2015

Perfect Noodles Everytime With My Noodlemaker

I've been happily posting all the best noodle dishes to my new blog. All those noodles were made using my noodlemaker which i bought for my younger boy for his 8th birthday. He loves to potter around the kitchen experimenting with food. Isnt it amazing that with just flour and water, the little nifty noodlemaker produces perfect homemade noodles for the best noodle dishes ever. I've perfected many recipes over time and most of them can be found over at thenoodlemaker.

Carrot Macaroni

It really doesnt take much time to have delicious homemade noodle dishes for dining at home. I get a big batch of noodles churned out in about 20 minutes or so without my lifting a single finger. Whilst the noodlemaker is doing its job kneading and extruding, i'll be cooking the gravy and preparing the topping for my noodle dish. I usually have minced meat and sliced mushrooms cooked in brown sauce, or blended tomatoes. Topped with spring onions and cilantro, a dash of pepper and sesame oil, my family of four get to enjoy a wholesome noodle meal anytime of the day.

Purple Sweet Potatoes Noodles 

Well, this is a pic of a batch of purple sweet potato noodles that i have whipped up some time back. My hubby loves noodles with vibrant colors made with blended vegetables, or their extracted juices. It is one of the best ways to enjoy a healthy meal infused with lots of vegetables. This is especially important for parents with picky eaters whose kids do not like to eat vegetables, hahah. They usually cannot resist slurping on colorful penne pastas, macaroni, and spaghetti from my noodlemaker!! Simply the best noodle dishes ever!!

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