Saturday, February 07, 2015

Multi-Cutter Kitchen Scissors Review

I found this multi-cutter kitchen scissors inside one of my kitchen drawers this morning. Half the time wondering what i can do with it. Got a few good suggestions after posting it on my Facebook. One of it being to cut spring onions with it like what is shown on this image a friend posted at the comments section.


I'm used to cutting spring onions with the normal kitchen scissors. So I thought this will somehow hasten the process. Maarder, i was wrong la. All the cut spring onions pieces kept getting jammed up between the closely placed blades of the multi-cutter kitchen scissors. I had to remove them out with a tiny fork, bruising half of them along the way. Same result even if I were to cut small bunches. Way faster to cut my spring onions with a conventional kitchen scissors, lol.

Multi Cutter Kitchen Scissors Review

My personal opinion is this multi-cutter kitchen scissors is best used for crafts or where the item being cut is dry, and has a low chance of getting stuck between the blades, ok. 

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