Saturday, November 01, 2014

Wholesome Homemade Butter-Parsley Pasta For Lunch

It's 1st of November 2014, the beginning of the second last month of the year. I got up at 10am today. Not because i wanted to sleep in late. Rather, had to lie in due to backache. Not a superdy-duperdy bad one, but enough to keep me all curled up in a fetal position, with the bolster between my thighs, hands massaging the sore points for over an hour and a half. Lucky for me hubs took Gordon out for wantan meen earlier. Malcolm complained of hunger when i came downstairs tho. 

After ocd-me cleaned up the odd items lying around the kitchen, i roasted all the remaining vegetables inside the fridge, boiled some eggs, and whipped up a batch of butter-parsley pasta to go with it. Saw lemons, and squeezed some over the pasta and roasted veges. OMG... it made my butter-parsley pasta tastes so zesty, so tangy, oh so so so refreshing!!! We all got to drink honey lemonade with the balance too, hehe. Well, you gotta go give my homemade butter-parsley pasta recipe a try. Lots more homemade noodle recipes over at the blog too.

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