Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sobaghetti - Low-Gluten Noodle Recipe

Gordon has been playing Cooking Mama on his NDS a lot this whole week. He's on a week-long school holiday and so, i let him play just so he will leave me alone to do my work in peace.If you have played Cooking Mama before, you will find that it contains a lot of Japanese recipes.

For the past few days, G has been bugging me to make Soba for him, and a whole lot of other types of Jap food like Tofu Pancake, Potato Salad, etc. He saw that we still have some Buckwheat Flour in the fridge and took it out this morning. No choice but to rev my little gadget up to meet his demand, or else, my ears will be very very tired.

As the Joyoung Noodlemaker kneaded away at the dough on auto setting, i dumped 4 large juicy tomatoes, lots of garlic and one big fat onion into the blender and turned them into mush. Transferred them to a pot with some heated oil to let it cook on its own, and went back to handle the soba coming out of the noodlemaker.

Perfect timing!!! As soon as i got the whole batch out, the sauce is done. Another 3 minutes to cook the soba on a separate stove, and both boys got a plate of Sobaghetti each, lol!!!

 Sobaghetti - with the tomato-garlic-onions-basil sauce and topped with crushed fresh parsley leaves, pepper & cayenne powder for that zingggg

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