Friday, July 18, 2014

Quick Meals for Busy Kids - Baked Rice Cupcakes Recipe

Kids love to cook. Really they do. Let them play around the kitchen, experiment with the food, utensils, pots and pans, to build their interest. Of cos, they will make a mess at first. It's just part and parcel of the learning process. Do not scold them as this will kill their desire to learn. Mess can be wiped away. Show them how to and they will be more careful next time.

I have a busy kid. He likes to play around my kitchen. I have a very simple kitchen, with basic ingredients. He will just pull items out of the fridge and ask me what he can cook with them. After a round of discussion, we will decide what to do with the ingredients. I do my best to follow his instructions and cook it the way he wants to. He learns fast this way as he can see and taste his creation right away. Some are not so palatable, but that doesnt matter. We will laugh it over and remember not to cook it that way the next time, haha.

We baked some rice cupcakes with what we found today. He likes it so much. Give it a try. Makes great bento grub for recess and keeps well as a tea-time snack.


Cooked rice
2 eggs
Char Siew (snipped into small pieces)
Chopped Spring Onions
Salt & Pepper to taste


1) Mix cooked rice, eggs, char siew, chopped spring onions and a little butter in a bowl.
2) Place a little butter into individual baking cups
3) Scoop a soupspoonful of the rice mixture into the cups
4) Bake at 175c for 15 mins until rice is set.

Cool and serve with a little ketchup and mayo

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