Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter 2012 pool fun

It's just another typical weekend. Kids home creating havoc, hubby sleeping 24/7, and me, working on amigurumi orders. I've promised the kids i'll take them to go play with the water jets at the newly openly mall, Aeon Station 18, nearby. Told them to put on their swimming trunks since they'll get wet.

Well, they wouldn't stop bugging me at all and requested to play outside at the pool instead. And so, i gladly went and set it up for them even though it's noon with the hot sun right above. Thank god we have a small tree in the garden and it provided enough shade for the 4 feet pool.

The boys cant wait to jump into the water as soon as i've cleaned the pool and ran water into it. I even tied the hose to the tree branch and have it spray water into the pool. Me, i sat on the swing monitoring them. At the same time wondering if i'll die of heat stroke or not, lol. No worries, the swing is also well shaded from the sun.

How i wish i had a huge glass of Long Island Tea with me just now. Next week, next week, there's always next week :p

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