Tuesday, March 13, 2012

To blog or not to blog, that is the question....

I've already forgotten what's the real purpose of my having this blog. Once upon a time, when this blogger knew nuts about blogging, all she wanted to do was to share her love for leading an organic life, sigh. All that's gone to the drains already. Most of the organic shops i used to buy my goods from have closed down due to lack of business. And the nearest one requires a 30 minutes drive all the way across town. All that seem so distant now, after what.... 7 years since i started this blog, lol.

Next, came the PPP fiasco. It's the time when bloggers get paid to write about what they were asked to write about. To be honest with you, i've learnt a great deal since then. From being a noob, to understanding how keywords and search engines work to give me lots of moolah. Abuthen, Google changes all the time, and i soon got tired of it. I'm lazy, ok.

My early blogging days were quite fun actually. Those were the days before social networking took off. No Myspace, no Friendster, no Twitter, no Facebook, nothing. My online buddies and i just own a blog each and we happily go visiting each other's blog to see what they posted each day, leave a comment or two, hoping the act will be reciprocated.

So, i'm still wondering whether should i continue with this, or what. Nevertheless, it's a great outlet to vent my frustration. Better to cream it all out over than at someone's face, lol. Ok, if you ever see a post here, then it's good news from me that i'm still alive and kicking. Till then. Thanks for dropping by.


Dani said...

I say blog for yourself. If it becomes a chore, stop, but if you enjoy it, keep going. Forget about loading keywords, writing for search engines. Write what you love. You never know who you'll inspire.

Dani @ ONNO Bamboo Clothing

Creative Busy Bee said...

I often to come here but still when i remember u (#_#) . Pls continue and I can continue visit u here.

Ally C-ell said...

Interesting question. Blog if you like to share your experiences. Everybody has a life therefore everybody has something to blog about. If you like writing and sharing, regardless of having an audience or not, then yeah, go for it, blog.