Monday, August 01, 2011


I came back into the room to find the newly crocheted and stuffed amigurumi helmet pig taking a dip in my freshly brewed tea. I asked and #2 told me kor-kor did that. I got mad and scolded him. Papa got to know about it and spanked him.

Of course, he cried. He then walked up to me with the cane and told me to punish him for being naughty. My heart melted and i told him it's ok as he's learnt his lesson. Abuthen, my kid was adamant that i punish him and offered me his palm; something that i've never managed to get him to do.

And so, i piakked him lightly a few times but he insisted that i hit harder. I pretended to do so. He cried with huge blobs of tears rolling down his cheeks and even said, "Mama's angry". I told him yes, i was angry but as long as he doesnt repeat the same thing, it's ok. Guess my kid has made another progress and grown up a bit after today's incident.

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