Friday, March 18, 2011

WAHM blues

Working from home isnt as blissful as you think it is. People whom i live with cannot understand the fact that i do not like to be disturbed every hour or so to do things that's NOT CONTRIBUTING TO MY RICEBOWL. Where work is concerned, it is for money. If not, i wont term it as work. There are a few things that i do for money. I blog for money, i knit/crochet for money. And when i'm doing those things, i simply do not want to be disturbed. My hands, eyes and mind is tied to whatever i'm working on and i do not like to be called upon to attend to other things. I lose my concentration, i lose my focus, i lose my inspiration, i lose my train of thoughts, i just fucking lose it. And if i lose my temper, then you all are asking for it.

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